My Mobile Station
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The Motorhome Mobile Station

The mobile station in our motorhome is as follows:

ICOM 760 HF rig, 100 watts max. The control head is connnected to the rig with 30 feet of cable allowing me to operate inside or outside the motorhome.

A High Serria scewdriver antenna attached to the rear ladder of the motorhome.

A ICOM AH-4 automatic antenna tuner is used to load various long wire antennas which I have strung beween the trees on Palomar mountain.

Palomar Mountain QTH

My favorite mobile location is our camping spot on Palomar Mountain in Southern, California. The motorhome is located at 5980 feet elevation facing south on the property of great friends. We camp here as frequently as we can. The location also provides excellent bird watching and excellent views of San Diego County. On a clear day one can see 50 miles into Mexico and 40 miles out into the Pacific ocean.

Palomar Mountain QTH

The evening view looking south from the motorhome on Palomar

When on Palomar the rig uses shore power but has solar power backup. If you have a QSO with me while I'm on Palomar you will receive a different QSL card showing the mountain and the telescope. I am also located in a different grid square when on the mountain.

Operator Rick Kneeshaw